An experiment gone wrong granted high schooler Jay Jefferson incredible powers – and Cape City has never been the same. Struck with survivor’s guilt after the death of his mentor Martin Cole, Ray vowed to use his extraordinary abilities to serve his fellow man and help turn his city around as the Iron Eagle. Today the Iron Eagle casts his shadow over the criminals of his city.

The news of the Eagle’s exploits alternates between hope for his actions and reproach for the “Feathered Menace.” The average citizen varies just as widely with their opinions, but there is an overwhelming belief in the Golden Winged Avengers actions throughout the city. To criminals and gang bangers the Iron Eagle is a wise-cracking, flash of gold who acts as an incredible force of good. When the Eagle flies by, they know that there is a beat down coming their way.

Those whose lives are touched by the Eagle are forever changed. The citizens who he saves are grateful, while some of the criminals that fall within the Eagle’s sights become psychopathic villains. Those most affected rarely know they are, Ray struggles day in and out to keep his identity secret to make sure his friends and family never suffer for his actions as Iron Eagle.
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