House Kerwell of Seagrave
House Kerwell
Coat of Arms Three ivory bone legs in a circle on a field of deep purple and two thick red chevrons pointing upwards
Seat Seagrave
Current Lord Pitarion Kerwell
Region The Iron Islands
Title Lord of Seagrave

The Dread Step

Overlord House Greyjoy
Cadet Branch None
Ancestral Weapon None
Founder Pyrick
Founded Blackfyre Rebellion

House Kerwell of Seagrave is a minor house of the Iron Islands, ruling only over the small island of Seagrave from their eponymous castle, due south of Harlaw. They are sworn to House Greyjoy. Their blazon are three ivory bone legs on a field of deep purple.

As the lords of Seagrave the only two other houses on the island swear fealty to them, House Darwood of Whitestone, and House Vance of Starhold.


Quote1There is iron in our very bones. We shall pay our dues in blood and glory until all our enemies have fallen before the Dread Step.Quote2

-- Pitarion Kerwell

Legend has stated that Pyrick Kerwell won Seagrave by correctly predicting the safe arrival or destruction of twenty boats to Seagrave Harbor. When the former Ironborn king refused to abdicate his throne Pyrick...

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