Name Homo Sapiens Xenos
Aliases Xenos, E.T.s, Children of the Stars, Halfies, Hybrids, Abominations,
Identity Public
Affiliation Representatives among the Vindicators, Crusaders, and more
Body Type Humanoid
Average Height 5'9" average (same as humans)
Average Weight same as humans
Eyes Variable
Hair Variable
Skin Variable
Number of Limbs 4
Number of Fingers 5
Number of Toes 5
Special Features See main entry
Origin A Homo Sapiens Xenos (also known as a "xeno") is a being born with alien heritage to as little as being (1/16) alien (equivalent to having one great-great grandparent who is an alien). They are anomalous and possess one or more extra-normal abilities that are not seen in normal humans.
Star System of Origin Sol
Home Planet Earth


Quote1We are xenos. We are children of the Earth and the Stars. Our ancestors have granted us super-powers as our birthright. Don't underestimate us.Quote2

-- Anonymous


Human xenos (Homo Sapiens Xenos) are hybrids born of humans and . Since the dawn of humanity extraterrestrials have visited earth and if technology and genetics permitted many of them interbred with the native population. These stories of aliens breeding with humans may have been the cause for many bronze age stories about gods doing the same. For several generations after conception of the half human-half alien, dormant strands of DNA will be present within the offspring. In many cases, if the conditions are right, the interaction between alien and human DNA will reveal a host of powers, or deteriorative effects. The abilities granted by alien DNA largely depend on the alien heritage but they range from incredibly powerful to minuscule.

Ancient TimesEdit

The first recorded Xeno is Diosthenes of ancient Greece who lived in 1500 BC during the Myceaen Age. Diosthenes wandered the world for hundreds of years, commiting miraculous acts and trying to find others like himself. Some time later Diosthenes went into hibernation and was not heard from again. During this hibernation few notable Xenos came to surface.

Modern AgeEdit

In the 20th century there was a great increase in the xeno population. One explanation for this sudden surge was that the Trinity Nuclear Test sent out signals which attracted extraterrestrials to earth. As more aliens interacted with humans xeno births became inevitable.

Xeno OutingEdit

The onset of Jakir War on Earth soil prompted Champion to publicly announce his status as a xeno and the widespread existence of xenos throughout the world. While previously only known in urban centers and rumored of xenos became a topic in households around the world. This event prompted an increase in discrete xeno culture and prompted human-xeno violence across the globe.

Xeno PopulationEdit

About 0.04% of the world population is said to be a xeno, numbering about 3,000,000 worldwide and 133,000 just in the United States alone.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit





Average Strength LevelEdit



Variable. Affected by weapons or diseases targeted towards their alien heritage. Some are susceptible to severe genetic diseases due to their mixed heritage. Lack of the capability to control their powers early on.

Xeno BiologyEdit


Habitat: Earth
Gravity: 9.80665 m / s2
Atmosphere: Roughly 78.09% Nitrogen, 20.95% Oxygen, 0.93% Argon, 0.038% Carbon Dioxide, and small amounts of other gases.
Population: 3,000,000 worldwide


Type of Government: Individuals and group among human societies. Independent groups have oligarchic-bases governments.
Level of Technology: Technology level unknown
Cultural Traits: Similar to human's culture.

Xeno CultureEdit


  • There is a clear distinction between xenos, mutants, and mutates. Xenos develop their abilities due to alien heritage, mutants have their abilities due to anomalous human DNA, and mutates develop their powers due to an outside influence.
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