Real Name Warren Theodore Way
Current Alias Hemlock
Playby Christoph Waltz
Aliases Weed Whacko, Mr. Green, Verdant, Overgrowth, King of Thorns
Relatives Floyd Way (father, deceased);

Mia Way (mother, deceased);
Lila Way (wife, deceased);
Holly Way (daughter, deceased);
Martin Way (brother, deceased);
Alice Way (niece)

Affiliation Waycorp;

Leader of the Kingdom of Thorns;
Leader of the Dark Vindicators;
Former Partner of Conrad Owens;

Base of Operations Undergrowth, abandoned subway tunnels under New York City;

formerly Waycorp Tower;

Alignment Bad
Identity Public Identity
Citizenship American
Martial Status Widowed
Occupation Professional Criminal Mastermind;

Waycorp CEO;

Education Doctorate in Biochemistry
Gender Male
Age 50
Height 5'11" (as Warren Way) 7'0" (as Hemlock)
Weight 185 lbs.
Eyes Green
Hair Green
Unusual Features Green Skin
Origin Tested an experimental formula on himself that turned him into Hemlock, granting him extraordinary abilities and criminal insanity.
Place of Birth New Haven, Connecticut
Birthday January 1, 1965


Quote1Fights in the street, convoluted plans... entertaining and pointless. What was I thinking? You've taken everything from me. All these years you've dealt with a giggling maniac. Madness. Now you'll face the real me. I will kill everyone you know- and you'll never see me coming.Quote2

-- Hemlock

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Supporting Rust HoltCarlie CannonPhillip KimAlan SharpRick StevensWalt HerrWill Sawyer
Enemies HemlockDeathwatchSupremus
Organizations B.S.A.
Items Champion's Helmet
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