Carlie Cannon
Real Name Dr. Carlie Anastasia Cannon-Grant
Current Alias Carlie
Playby Amy Adams
Aliases CC, Red, Carlie Anne
Relatives Frank Cannon (father);

Katherine Cannon (mother);
Jillian Cannon (sister);
Luke Grant (husband);

Affiliation None
Base of Operations Manhattan, New York City
Alignment Good
Identity No Dual Identity
Citizenship American
Martial Status Married
Occupation Researcher
Education Doctoral degree in Anthropology (Archaeology)
Gender Female
Age 33
Height 5' 8"
Weight 120 lbs.
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Unusual Features None
Origin Carlie Cannon was born to Frank and Katherine Cannon, six years after the birth of her sister Jillian. Inspired by her father's own celebrated academic career Carlie pursued her own interests in ancient cultures and archaeology. A sharp intellect and wit has been invaluable in allowing Carlie to survive and even excel in the new world of superheroes.
Place of Birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Birthday March 16, 1982


Quote1You don't need powers to be a hero, you just have to be ready to answer the call.Quote2

-- Carlie Cannon

Early LifeEdit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit




Carlie Cannon is an accomplished researcher and academic. She is moderate experience in hand to hand combat from several self defense course. She has shown the ability to fend off attackers of normal strength and skill.

Strength LevelEdit

Carlie has normal human strength for a woman of her age, build, and height who engages in moderate regular exercise.



Carlie has a concealed weapons license and an H&K P2000SK .40 S&W which she carries in her purse.


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Organizations B.S.A.
Items Champion's Helmet
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