Official Team Name Aztecs
Team Aliases Reds
Status Active
Identity Public
Alignment Bad
Slogan None
Base of Operations Aztecs Compound; Cedar Valley, California
Team Leaders Jamal "Razor" Dayne;

Andre "Dre Malice" Ross;

Current Members N/A
Former Members N/A
Allies N/A
Enemies Cedar Valley Police Department
Origin Formed to make money on the streets of Cedar Valley
Place of Formation Cedar Valley, California
Founders Jamal "Razor" Dayne;

Andre "Dre Malice" Ross;


Quote1These streets belong to the Aztecs.Quote2

-- Razor


In 2004 Jamal Dayne and Andre Ross met while serving abroad in Iraq. The two became quick friends, uniting over a passion for the Aztecs football team and their shared hometown of Cedar Valley. The two men were honorably discharged from the army in 2006 returning to California, where they united their small groups of friends in the city and from the military in order to create a gang. Most of the members are 17 years old, and came from impoverished families during the recession.

By 2007 there were 10 distinct Aztec gangs, known as sets operating in Cedar Valley and Los Angeles, though all answering to Jamal "Razor" Dayne and Andre "Dre Malice" Ross. The gang became heavily involved in the sale of different street drugs including PCP, mojo, amphetamines, and more. The gang gained national acclaim when Razor, jumped up on MGH, managed to elude police custody after the murder of six individuals. With the introduction of mutant growth hormone on the streets the Aztecs gained new prominence, with a sharp increase in membership as the market expanded.


The original choice to use the Aztecs football team as iconography was decided upon by Dayne and Ross. The following of the Aztecs among the poor in the city was a big draw for the young gang members, and it helped the gang avoid detection by police by making it difficult to distinguish between gang and fans. While there was some talk that the group was founded to be a northern sect of the Mexican drug cartels Dayne denied that, claiming the Aztec iconography came solely through associations with the football team.

The choice to begin wearing Aztec merchandise and the colors red and gold were started by member Odell "Devious" Buckley. He desired to increase the symbolism of the group and was known for the excessive wear of second market Aztec merchandise. After Buckley was shot and killed by the CVPD the policy of using Aztec merchandise saw a sharp increase.

Chain of CommandEdit





Members Iraq
Enemies Reilly SullivanCedar Valley Police Department
Items Aztecs Jerseys
Locations Aztecs Compound
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